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We invite you to join us for an enjoyable dining experience in a warm, comfortable environment. To enhance the experience for all our guests we ask that you please respect our dining guidelines.

Dress Code

We are a mixed casual dining environment and your comfort is our priority, however we ask that no swim wear is worn while dining with us.  

Dining Guidelines:

  • We are pet loving people, but we are not a pet friendly restaurant. Please know that we (and the health department) ask that only service animals that are trained to perform a task to aid with a disability be allowed. ESA or emotional support animals are not allowed. 
  • The dining rooms at Shore are designed for smaller parties up to 4 with only a few tables that can seat 5-9 guests. 
  • We ask that all persons in the party be present before being seated. Please be on time and allow for extra time especially in season for parking. Reservations later than 15min will be sat at the next available time slot. 
  • While we consider special requests, modifications cannot always be honored as they can impact the flow of our kitchen and the integrity of many dishes.
  • Please notify us of any allergies. We are very concerned for your well-being as not all ingredients are listed on the menu. 
  • Please be mindful of other guests who are waiting. We may ask to accommodate guests to the lounge or bar area who are sitting longer than 1hr 45min.
  • We request any cell phone conversations be taken outside.